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Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
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Product Description
The Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful coil springs, a sensitive trigger system and a straight spade staking system. The trap is fired when the raccoon reaches in for your bait, and instead grabs the trigger, firing the trap. When baiting Dog Proof Coon Traps; apply the lure or bait to a cotton ball or sheep's wool. Place below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait.
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Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

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Product Reviews

5 Stars based on 36 reviews
By Cliff
Cleveland, Ohio
Great trap
February 3, 2017
These traps are well built and very easy to set and use.
ProsWell made. Easy to set. Nice finish
works well
June 24, 2016
I had a trap smart coon who defeated the live trap cage every way you can imagine. Duke DP caught him first night. Surprised Fleming doesn't provide trapping tips. Put the trap in the middle of a raccoon path, etc. Get the set tool. The springs are strong. The trap has to be fastened to something: tree, stake, buried anchor, etc. Otherwise the coon will run away with the trap. BTW (1) look at the trapped coon to see if any sign of rabies (violent, foaming at mouth, spastic). Stay well out of reach if there are signs. (2) there is no way to release the coon (I suppose you could wrap him in a moving blanket, but that would be very, very difficult with a highly likelihood of being bitten). Only way is to kill it.
By Gary G.
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
September 11, 2014
Good quality and great functional trap. Amazed at grip ability of this smaller diameter trap. Able to eliminate animal in 48 hours, that had been avoiding box traps for 10 months. Set tool is well worth the cost, leverage provided is best safety feature. Used dog kibble for bait in dry location. Bottom line: excellent value.
By Rod Lau
Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
June 9, 2014
It works very well, I've trapped and dispatched 5 Raccoons off my 11 acre property in 2 weeks using 2 traps. They were into my Deer Feeders so I had to take them Out! Now they're in a better place! :) Got'er Done!
By Jhall
May 19, 2014
Excellent item, referred several people already!
By Ken
Dukes DP Raccoon Trap
January 7, 2014
I have orders 6 of these traps and set four of them around my deer feeders that have been destroying my feeders. Four night of setting them up and four coons caught. I have been using marshmallows for bait and they work. The "Set Tool" works well in both setting the traps, and an aid in getting the trapped coons out of the trap. Makes it much easier to remove the trapped legs then trying to do it with you hand. I would recommend these traps to anyone and you don't have to be a pro to be effective trapper. Good hunting......
By Gary Redmon
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
January 3, 2014
Best little trap ever, no worries no catching the neighbors dog. I caught two coons in three days. These traps are GREAT!
By Scott
December 10, 2013
I give it this product the full 5, raccoons are notorious cabin destroyers. I have seen this product work very effective. This Dog, Proof Coon Trap is a must for those critters that don't belong on your property.
By Scott from Upstate NY
Duke Dog Proof Camo Trap
December 2, 2013
Just ordered 2 of these traps in camo and also got the white end covers to keep smaller bait stealing rodents out. Yes I advise the set tool, makes it alot easier. Will keep you posted on this new product. Thankyou Again, Flemming Outdoors
Duke DP Trap
September 23, 2013
Excellent trap! Eight coons and two skunks in the first week. Completely satisfied!
By Ken
DP Trap
September 17, 2013
Very satisfied. Set the trap up first night and caught a raccoon. Now have caught two. Works like a champ!
By kevin
coon trap
September 2, 2013
dog proof trap is the best trap I have used. bought 2 traps and caught 4 coons in 1 week. ordering 2 more today.
By Paul
Dog Proof Racoon Trap
June 16, 2013
I have a problem with raccoons, and have tried several traps with no results, but this one really works. I catch one every time I set it. The little devils can't figure this one out.
By ryan loehrke
duke dp
June 12, 2013
I run 3 dozen duke dps and all I can say is that I love everyone of them. never have to worry about non target canines getting at them. 2 thumbs up.
By dj
catching raccoons
January 25, 2013
this trap really works!!!! it works like a charm. you should get a few!
By N. Johnson
Dog Proof Racoon Trap
November 10, 2012
These traps out catch any catch 'em alive traps 10 to 1. They are excellent on 'coons, but also work on opossums nearly as well. Be sure to secure the trap to a post or saoling. I've been using wire. An excellent product.
By aidan howell
October 11, 2012
By Jussi
Dog proof trap
October 2, 2012
First night of use. One huge raccoon using marshmallow for bait. Next night a large skunk also with same bait. Trap works really well.
By Walt Boulware
Duke dog proof raccoon trap
September 6, 2012
Wonderful, work each and every time!
By Stephen Fisher
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
August 18, 2012
Raccoons were destroying my corn. With neighborhood dogs, I needed a special trap. I caught 2 the first night with fishy cat food. Great trap!
By Linda
Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap
August 7, 2012
I was worried that this trap would work only for coons. Not so! The first thing I caught was that pesky 'possum that snarled at my ankles when I stepped out on our patio at night. Also got the coon that was making mud in the cat's water dish. Hope it works for skunks--still waiting for that. I used cat food for bait, since I already knew they liked it... Do buy the tool to set the trap! Can't imagine not having that tool.
By John
Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
July 30, 2012
Works fine, and has been successful in catching raccoon. Harder to set than the viedeo indicates especially on soft ground.
By Farmer Mike
Coon No More
June 15, 2012
I just put dog food in bottom and placed outside hen house door week later caught first coon he could have wiped me out Great Product and Safe I have 2 dogs Perfect !
By Don
Easy and deadly
June 6, 2012
This trap works so well, after 3 days of setting it out - 4 dead coon. I haven't seen sign of one since. My chickens are safe again. The last one was pushing 30lbs. he was trying for all he was worth, but he couldn't get out of it.
By Dan
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
January 30, 2012
I had trouble with raccoon clean out the bait no matter what i used. But i also caught some nice coons before i ran into these extra smart ones.
By kevin
dog proof raccoon trap
January 21, 2012
This is a really good trap I got 20 coon so far I think its awesome.
By John
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
November 28, 2011
With zero trapping experience I have caught 2 raccoons in 3 days. Using a few pieces of dry cat food in the bottom for bait. Have to use a round steel bar to help set the trap, but I am highly impressed. My thanks go out to the designer.
By Reno Adams
Duke leg trap
October 28, 2011
After two nights with this trap, I trapped two very pesky raccoons. It works absolutely perfectly when you follow the clear instructions. Thank you so much!!!
By Steve
raccoon trap
October 24, 2011
Great product. I had tried box traps but could not catch the raccoon that was after my chickens. I caught the raccoon the first time I set the trap. A couple of pieces of sardine and the raccoon was caught. Would definitely recommend this tarp.
By Dan P
dog proof coon trap
September 26, 2011
this is a great trap, i used dry cat food as bait, it has a kinda fishy smell to it, drove the coon nuts, i would recomend to dye the traps first, caught 10 coons in one week with two traps