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Electric Pea Sheller

Electric Pea Sheller
Electric Pea Sheller
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Mr. Pea Sheller is an intermediate sized sheller for all garden fresh peas or beans. It can be used to shell Blackeyed, Purple Hull, Small Crowder, Cream Peas, English Peas, Sweet Peas, and "hard to shell" Lima and Butter Beans. It can shell 1 1/2 to 3 bushels per hour!

All you do is load the tray with fresh clean pods and feed them through the rollers and watch the peas and beans fall into the pan. It's that easy!

Table top electric pea sheller for small gardens. Use it to shell a batch or bushel. Shells all garden fresh peas and beans. Includes black-eyed, purple hull, small crowder, cream, english, sweet, and those difficult lima and butter beans. Perfect for the home and organic gardener. Quiet and easy to use.

Pea Sheller 115 Volt, 1/15 Horsepower. 8 1/2" x 12" x 19 1/2", 17 lbs.

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