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Fencing Tools

Fleming Outdoors is the place to shop for all your fencing tool needs. We have in stock one man wire stretchers, woven wire stretchers, DT10 wire stretchers, crimp & cut tools and a full line of splice it products. If you dont see what your looking for just give us a call !
8" Round Nose Fence Pliers
Reg. Price: $19.00
1 Man Wire Stretcher
Reg. Price: $43.00
510DT Wire Stretcher
Reg. Price: $53.00
Woven Wire Stretcher
Reg. Price: $58.00
Splice It Crimp and Cut Fence Tool
Reg. Price: $55.00
KT-10T Fence Tool Combo
Reg. Price: $23.00
Multi-Purpose Fence Tool
Reg. Price: $15.00
High Tensile Wire Cutters
Reg. Price: $18.00
300-315 Easy Fence Tool
Reg. Price: $11.00
300-303T Spinning Jenny Wire Dereeler
Reg. Price: $106.00
SS5 Hi-Tensile Splice-It
Reg. Price: $20.00
ST5 Hi-Tensile Stainless Splice-It
Reg. Price: $29.00
LBW5 Barbed Wire Splice-It
Reg. Price: $18.00
WW5 Woven Wire Splice-It
Reg. Price: $17.00
GB5 "Gaucho" Splice-It
Reg. Price: $16.00