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Poultry and Barn Odor Digester 33.9 oz.
Poultry and Barn Odor Digester 33.9 oz.
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Product Description
Poultry Barn Odor Digester® is an enzymatic product that eliminates ammonia odors, bird droppings and organic solids dramatically. Uniquely formulated to act quickly and remain effective for long periods of time. Laboratory studies have shown that ammonia (bird droppings) affects the health and performance of poultry. Body weight, feed efficiency and general health are poorer in poultry that are exposed to levels of ammonia that exceed 10 ppm. Poultry Barn Odor Digester will eliminate these odors effectively.

Usage / Treats: Product is highly concentrated. One gallon of mixed product will cover 300 square feet.

IPS-CareFree Enzymes is the only manufacturer of natural enzymes that are free of bacteria. CareFree Enzyme products are 100% environmentally friendly. Currently, there isn't anything as strong and as safe on the market as IPS-CareFree Enzymes Poultry Products.
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Poultry and Barn Odor Digester 33.9 oz.

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