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Walnut Cracker
Walnut Cracker
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Product Description
This lever action walnut crackers is designed and manufactured to easily crack all hard, medium, and soft shell nuts. It is specifically intended to crack Black Walnuts, Hickory Nuts, Butternuts, and Macadamia Nuts. Also works well with Pecans and English Walnuts. Lever action walnut cracker that is made with a cast aluminum frame. Working parts are hardened machine tool steel with a gear lever design.
Item Code: LWN-54820

Walnut Cracker

Retail price: $48.00
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Product Reviews

5 Stars based on 3 reviews
By Dwight
Walnut cracker
December 16, 2013
Mounted this nut cracker on my work bench. Easy to use and does a good job on black walnuts and hickory nuts. Good bargain for the price.
By Karen
walnut cracker
October 30, 2011
simply to use and nicely adjusts to different sized nuts
By David
Great Product
November 13, 2008
My father-in-law has on of these and it is no less than the best nut cracker I hae ever used.