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1.6 Gallon Combination Waterer
1.6 Gallon Combination Waterer
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Product Description
The 1.6 Gallon Combination Waterer can be used as a standing waterer or a hanging waterer. Best if set on level ground to prevent leakage. To avoid contamination, the extra strong carry handle can be used to hang the drinker. Has a twist lock base that allows the drinker to be filled with the base removed and the top turned over. Once full, simply twist and lock the base into position. H=13", Pan Dia=14.25", Pan Depth=2"

“The Combination drinker is the top of the range in poultry drinkers; this is a heavy-duty, extremely strong drinker that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The drinker has a twist lock fit base that allows you to fill the drinker with the base removed and the top turned over, once full then just simply twist and lock the base into position.

The Combination drinker can be used in a variety of ways, it can be free standing on its base or it has the option to be stood on its own legs that are press fixed into the base and give a floor clearance of 7.5 cms, it can also be used as a hanging drinker using the extra strong handle that is fixed to the top of the drinker.”
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1.6 Gallon Combination Waterer

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By janie kirby
August 2, 2015
1.6 gallon waterer
I personally think this to e the bet I have ever used nothing about this waterer has a negative to it love the elevated legs
By Charlie Kemp
January 31, 2013
1.6 Gallon Combination Waterer
This was just what I was looking for, to put in my large brooders. It works great and with the legs to keep it up out of bedding the water stays clean. Just a outstanding unit.
By Carolyn252
August 4, 2012
1.6 gallon waterer
It needed some alteration because of very poor design in several places, but now that I've fixed it, it's great. Here are the problems that need to be addressed: 1- Poor design attaching the handle into the white dome. When the filled waterer is hanging up (either from a chain or from your hand as you're walking with it) the weight of the water pulls down on the entire unit so that the handle pulls off and the whole thing crashes to the ground leaving the handle still attached to the chain or the handle is still in your hand. Soaked my shoes and slacks as it smashed open when it hit the ground. The hole in the red handle is too small. The snap-hook (also called a carabiner hook) that I hang waterers from is too big to fit in that tiny hole that's in the handle of this waterer. I fixed both problems by discarding the handle and threading an ordinary wire clothes hanger into the white dome's holes where the red handle is supposed to fit. Then twisted the wire hanger's cut ends together and pressed them tightly together with a pliers. The wire is now a complete closed loop and is the new handle for the waterer and it hangs perfectly from the snap-hook. Be sure to press the four white "feet" deeply into the bottom of the unit. Use a lot of strength until each one really snaps into place or they'll just wiggle out and fall off.
By Linda Kidsley
April 13, 2012
waterer review
Works really well and twists off base easily. I have good sized hands but a lot of the waterers are made for large men's hands. This one is more easily handled by a smaller woman's hand.
By Christine
November 17, 2011
1.6 gallon waterer
I was looking for a more solid plastic waterer for my four hens, one that was elevated and tough. This is perfect! Easy to fill and sits squarely on the countertop so I can put the bottom on. I know it looks rounded, but there are like wedges on top so it sits stable when filling. A great bargain and find.