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155 Gallon Water Tank
155 Gallon Water Tank
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155 Gallon W-Series Stock Tank is rotationally molded with high quality, FDA approved, UV protected, impact resistant Poly to ensure uniform thickness and strength for unrivaled durability. All edges have been rounded for animal safety. The one piece construction eliminates cracking and splitting that's common in plastic-welded, two piece tanks. Molded-in leak-proof 1 1/4" FNPT aluminum drain insert ensures your drain will never rust, sun rot, leak or fail. The poly drain plug can be removed from the insert with a wrench and replaced with a pressure valve or stock tank deicer. If the Stock Tank gets a small leak due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a bullet hole, it can be braze welded with a common butane torch to fill the hole. Dimensions 52.5x46.5x23.5
Item Code: EQP-02392

155 Gallon Water Tank

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