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ChickBox With Perch
ChickBox With Perch
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Product Description
The ChickBox Nest Box replaces wood, metal and plastic nesting boxes. Roll Out Tray (Sold Separately) prevents hens from eating eggs. Comes in either yellow or brown. The perch assembly easily slides out, providing full access to clean the ChickBox. May be washed or hosed down for cleaning. Will not rot or rust like metal or wood laying boxes. Since it's injection molded, there are no cracks or crevices for poultry mites (red mites) to hide.

The Chickbox comes so that you can add Chickboxes as you go. It has a unique design that allows you to attach another Chickbox to either side of the Chickbox. This is a great feature so you can add nest boxes as your flock increases in size.

Size: Box�H=15.25", W=12.5", Perch�L=12", W=9.25"
Item Code: EQP-04096

ChickBox With Perch

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