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Chicken Coop Door Motor - Advanced
Chicken Coop Door Motor - Advanced
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Product Description
The Automatic Chicken Coop Door Motor - Basic only includes the digital timer/motor and adapter. Great for custom designed chicken coop doors.

Advanced Models: The Advanced Model includes Sunrise, Sunset Capability for the opening of the door.


LCD Display
Setup Mode for easily changing settings
On Board Instructions (no paper required)
AM/PM or 24-hour clock option
Tactile Response Buttons
Door Calibration with Stop and Step Functions for fine tuning open and close positions
Battery Accessibility, Snap Fit Lid
Low Battery Warning Indicator, on Screen
LED Warning Indicator Light
Integrated System Test Functionality
Dirt/Moisture protected PCB Board
Sealed Gearbox and Bearings
Lithium IC Clock (time is unaffected by outages)
6 lbs Standard Door Weight Capacity
Plug In Ready
Low Maintenance
30 Day Product Parts Warranty, 1 Year Motor Warranty
Battery Backup if Electrical Power Fails (Through the 4 AA Batteries)

When you consider the cost to raise a hen to maturity and the value of the eggs that hen will lay in her entire life, experts value one mature hen at $80. That means, if the Automatic Chicken Coop Door saves two of your hens from a predator, it will pay for itself! Just think how many chickens you would have now if you had discovered this a few days ago!
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Chicken Coop Door Motor - Advanced

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