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Chicken Coop Door Motor
Chicken Coop Door Motor
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Product Description
Simply plug the Chicken Coop Motor into your controller switch and it protects your hens and eggs, and saves you valuable time every day. If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor that you can not attend your coop on-time, relax, because chickens will enter the coop about the same time every day, and the D20 automatically closes the door at the time you set on your timer. You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day. This can benefit you in several ways. It enhances egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon. It can foil small predators such as mice and snakes that sneak in to steal eggs after your hens are out. And, it can manage heat inside the coop. Raccoons, foxes, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere.

- Includes motor, mounting hardware, AC-DC Adapter, lift-cable, and illustrated instructions
- Works similar to a fishing reel, a reversible motor with adjustable stop settings stops door at open and closed positions you set, no counter-weight needed
- Motor can lift and lower a door up to 10 pounds, with door openings up to 25 inches, if your door swings open, you can convert it to vertical lift by installing it in side-channels

Benefits Of Motor:

• Chickens want out of the coop long before dawn, sometimes before 5 AM when there is barely enough light to see. You can set your timer to automatically let them out, and let you sleep.
• If chickens cannot leave the coop when they are ready, they get agitated and begin to make noise … lots of noise. Then they become stressed and stop laying eggs. Egg production requires exposure to long periods of daylight. A timer lets them outside earlier and longer, stimulating their egg laying cycle.
• In winter months, you can add artificial light in the coop to stimulate egg production and warm the coop. Chickens will want to stay inside with the door closed until later in the morning when it is warmer outside. A timer allows you to delay door opening until mid-morning or whatever time you set.
• Some chickens wait until after dusk to enter the coop, so the door must remain open after dusk. By knowing your chicken’s behavior, you can set the D20 to close the door at the appropriate time, which allows stragglers to enter and be safe.
• If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor you cannot attend your coop, your hens are protected because the D20 automatically closes the door at the time you set.
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Chicken Coop Door Motor

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Product Reviews

Review Summary
8 Reviews
63% (5)
38% (3)
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38% Recommend this product (3 of 8 responses)
By Clare
Shellman, Georgia
Motor Replacement
May 3, 2017
After much searching we found everything we needed to make my chicken door open in the mornings and close in the evenings once again! Just an extra layer of security for my ladies and gents!!
By Jeff
Auto coop door
March 17, 2017
I recently replaced the coop door lift motor for my automatic chicken coop door for the second time in 5 years. The automatic door is a good product but having to work for only 13 seconds twice a day. The replacement motor for $98.50 is way over priced. Come on Fleming Outdoor, get real we are not getting rich here selling eggs.
ProsProgrammed coop door is a great product. Easy to install. I included the solar battery charger also. Which I replaced the battery once in 5 years and bought locally at a auto parts store.
ConsReplacement parts overpriced. We are not getting rich here selling eggs or free manure
By Samuel
Timer was easy to set up and easy to make time adjustments . Much better than my first timer which ran on pin timer.
February 3, 2017
Timer was easy to set up and to make time adjustments !
ProsGood price
By Juls~
Chicken Coop Door Motor
January 1, 2014
I was a bit skeptical because there's not much to it. Husband installed it, probably didn't read the directions but figured it out after awhile. We had more trouble with the cheap timer we bought elsewhere. Anyway, we love it, our girls love it; we built another coop and bought another motor, still loving it! You can keep the girls safe and enjoy sleeping in~
By will
November 17, 2013
I purchased a complete unit several years ago and it was a dream come true. I now didn`t have to worry if the weather was bad and I didn`t want to close their entry into the hen house or delay letting them out in the morning. This unit was doing it for me, every am & pm. Last month the motor failed and I ordered a new one which arrived promptly, was easy to install, and I was back in security bliss.
By Kay O.
Chicken coop door open/closer
October 6, 2013
This is the best thing I ever bought for my coop. I was fooling around with an alarm clock to close the door at night but still had to get up early to let the chickens out in the morning. Now the girls are up and scratching outside before I ever get up. The only thing was I had to tie a knot on the string that is attached to the door with a washer and screw. It kept slipping and the door was half closed. Works great now!
By Dick E.
Door Motor
February 20, 2013
Easy to install and has worked very well. Only problem is if the electricity goes off. It's been wonderfull not to go out morning and night this winter to operate the door ourselves.
By bch
works as expected
February 19, 2013
i was very happy with this purchase,it works as well as i expected it to.was very easy to set up for use in my coop.i also purchased the timer to use with it,which also was easy to use,and worked well.