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Emperor Feeder - 110 lbs.
Emperor Feeder - 110 lbs.
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Product Description
The Emperor Feeder Provides fresh feed that is protected from the elements. Features a water diversion system to direct rainfall into an attached drinker system. Large pan has a larger "lip" to reduce waste and offers a larger feeding area for birds with large beaks such as ducks and geese. Both the standard and large pan have slits in the base of the feeder to allow dust particles to fall out of the feeder. This prevents the build-up of particles your birds wouldn't normally eat.

The design of the Emperor Feeder ensures that feed loaded into the top will always fully cycle through the feeder. Arrives with the standard feeding pan, an optional larger pan is available. Light and easy to handle, it is equipped with a strong, water tight lid. 110 lb capacity. H= 27.5 "W=27", Pan Height= 5", Pan Dia=6", Pan Depth=1" Wooden Legs that come with the feeder are 23.5" for optimal feeding height.
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Emperor Feeder - 110 lbs.

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