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Equine Education Book
Equine Education Book
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Renowned equine author and researcher Marthe Kiley-Worthington discusses how to educate your horse. She has done a serious study for over 35 years at her research centre, her findings represented by some empirical evidence and a scientific appraisal. The author discusses how to educate your horse (her horse knows 200 words) and how to teach them, using the voice and imitation in particular. She shows how the horse thinks, ways of teaching him, handling and working with the new born foal, backing and more advanced work. This is an invaluable unique guide for all of those who aim to achieve the heights of communication and harmony with their equine. The author has run an ecological farm, raising and riding successful International, endurance and dressage horses. The horseís welfare and mental happiness is at the top of the agenda. Chapters also cover Educating Equines, Teaching, Donít Whisper Talk!, First Steps to Being Ridden, Advanced Riding & Teaching, The Art of Horsepersonship, Equine Physiological & Psychological Fitness, Education for Travelling & Harness Work and Problems. 272 pages Hardcover
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Equine Education Book

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