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Featherman Gamebird Plucker With Scalder
Featherman Gamebird Plucker With Scalder
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Product Description
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If you are processing Quail, dove, and squab, this plucker is for you! The Featherman Gamebird Plucker is a must have piece of equipment for every small gamebird hunter/processor saving both time and energy and maximizing your profits. Our equipment is durable and built to last, even with extremely high use. Defeather 1-50lbs of quail, dove, squab, pheasant, chicken or turkey in less than 1 minute!

- 249 tightly packed ultra-soft fingers to delicately remove feathers from thin-skinned gun-shot birds
- Featherman equipment is hand assembled in USA. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1 yr warranty on all parts.
- Tub & housing is high density, UV-resistant, food grade molded plastic.
- The 1 HP motor along with direct drive speed reducer offers the perfect power to process 1-50 pounds of poultry at a time.

Our pluckers require virtually zero maintenance. No oil change, no grease fittings, simply wash down after use and store in a dry area, under cover, out of the elements.

A unique feature or our plucker is the feather chute, which, unlike competitors, keeps the feathers contained in one spot, offering quick easy clean up! The water spray ring gives the birds an even spray of cold, for quick feather release and the waterproof switch ensures operation safety. We offer a foot operated pedal switch, too, for an additional cost.

Featherman offers a 1 year factory warranty on the motor/gearbox, and 1 year on everything else from us. We assemble everything in the US, so we have replacement parts on hand and at the ready, though itís pretty rare that you would need anything!

Featherman Scalder:

The goal: No pin feathers. Period. This only happens with a perfect scald. The Featherman Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald. Made of stainless steel with a 65,000 BTU propane burner, temperature control within a five degree range, and sized for four birds at a time (40 gallon). 16 gauge stainless.

- Made of 16 Gauge Stainless Steel with a 65,000 BTU propane burner,
- Temperature control within a five degree range
- 80 Gallon water capacity
- Sized to scalded four birds at a time
- Either hand dunk birds or purchase a Manual Dunker or Automated Roto Dunker.
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Featherman Gamebird Plucker With Scalder

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