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Life-Lytes Electrolyte Supplement
Life-Lytes Electrolyte Supplement
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Product Description
Life-Lytes MEGA TABS are the perfect way to supplement your flock during times of extreme heat or stress.

While they hide it well, many poultry experience lessened immunity in such situations as heat waves, re-homing, competitive shows, travel, or illness. Support optimal health in your flock with Life-Lytes vitamin and electrolyte tablets. Each bottle contains 30 large tablets, which treat one gallon of drinking water each. Easy to use, economical, and perfect for ensuring optimal health in your flock.

Each bottle treats 30 gallons of drinking water
Vitamins and electrolytes dissolve easily
Provides important nutrients and hydration during times of stress and excessive heat: Size: 30 COUNT
Item Code: FED-11737

Life-Lytes Electrolyte Supplement

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