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Manna Pro Sho-Flex 5 lbs. Bag
Manna Pro Sho-Flex 5 lbs. Bag
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Product Description
Sho-Flex™ joint supplement is a 2-N-1 supplement, providing joint support and vitamin and mineral fortification in one convenient package. It provides 3,628mg of Glucosamine HCL and 1,200mg of Chondroitin Sulfate per 2oz serving. Sho-Flex™ is enriched with Sho-Glo®, a popular vitamin and mineral fortifier that promotes a shiny coat and provides important anti-oxidants, including Vitamins A, C, and E.. Sho-Flex™ is enriched with 10 minerals and 14 vitamins. 40-day supply for mature horses. The measuring scoop enclosed in each container of Sho-Flex™ will hold approximately 1 ounce. Due to settling of the product in the container, there may be slight variations in the total number of Sho- Flex™ portions when using the measure provided. This container, however, does contain the net weight stated on the label and will make the portion indicated when measured exactly by weight. For Mature Horses: Add one measure twice daily (two ounces per day) to the regular grain ration. Note: This is based on an 800 to 1200 pound horse. For smaller or larger horses, adjust accordingly. Do not feed more than 3 measures (3 ounces) daily.
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Manna Pro Sho-Flex 5 lbs. Bag

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