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Premium Alfalfa Compressed Bale
Premium Alfalfa Compressed Bale
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Product Description
Premium Alfalfa Compressed Bales are formed by allowing Standlee Premium Western Forage® to grow to the proper stage of maturity, cutting the plants, allowing them to sun-cure (dry) to an acceptable moisture level and baling the forage at the optimal time. Standlee Premium Western Forage® creates compressed bales of forage from a large 4’x4’x8’ bale that is put through a press, sliced horizontally, pushed onto a scale, weighed, compressed and then banded. Alfalfa forage is low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber.

Crude Protein Min 16%
Crude Fat Min 1.5%
Crude Fiber Max 30%
Item Code: ING-41094

Premium Alfalfa Compressed Bale

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