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Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection
Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection
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Product Description
Solar Nite Eyes are the best way to keep all those predators from getting your chickens at night. The Solar Nite Eyes is a maintenance-free, award winning product is currently being used all around the world within the farming and agriculture market to protect livestock from nocturnal animals at night .Concept is simple, but it WORKS! Predators believe the flash to be the eye of another organism and feel threatened, so they stay away.Multiple unit locations are most effective. Our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to recommend what is best for your setup.

Units are completely sealed, protecting against moisture and are high/low temperature resistant. Red flashing LED light automatically turns on at dusk and off at full daylight.When used properely SPP will work for 3 years, or longer if stored inside when not in use.

Protects against owls, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, fox, bobcats, muskrats, bear, cougar, wild boar, mink, weasels and many more nocturnal predators.

Using the Solar Predator Protection against:

LIVESTOCK against coyote, fox, bear, mountain lion, wolf and bobcat.

POULTRY against owls, hawks, raccoon, mink, weasel, fox, coyote, and skunk

GARDENS, SWEET CORN, ORCHARDS, VINEYARDS and FLOWERS against deer, raccoon and badgers

CAMPSITES against bear, raccoon and mountain lion

BIRD FEEDERS against raccoon and bear

PURPLE MARTIN HOUSES against hawks and owls

FISH PONDS against blue heron and raccoon
Item Code: EQP-03440

Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection

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Product Reviews

Review Summary
25 Reviews
80% (20)
12% (3)
0% (0)
4% (1)
4% (1)
8% Recommend this product (2 of 25 responses)
By Judy
Ojai, California
Still working after about 3 years!
September 11, 2017
I'm sorry to read that someone thought they were cheated. I think these are great and still running after 3 years!
I recommended it to a friend and it kept away whatever was knocking over her potted plants at night. We use ours for
our chickens. This is a good product!
ProsLong lasting solar power!
By Jen
No predators yet
February 4, 2017
Device functions as stated. No predators yet. Chickens are not afraid of it either.
ProsIt works
ConsNone yet
By Terry P.
Urban Predators and Rural Two Legged Varmints
May 30, 2016
These Nite Eyes act as a deterrent for nighttime urban prowlers and would be rural trespassers. We have installed several on our property on buildings, gates and privacy fences. The bright red flashes warn predators away regardless of their species. Everyone who sees the flash asks "What is that??"
By John
Solar Nite Eyes
October 30, 2015
I have had 4 of these installed on my coop since april 2015. They work well in an open area to deter animals. If your coop is next to a fence where the woods are a skunk will simply come in at an angle and dig under and get your chickens as they did mine.
You need extra protection against skunks due to there trickiness. They seem to be the most clever to avoid these solar eyes.

They have worked to help keep all the rest of the predators away so far.
By jim a.
nite eys work
May 27, 2014
had a coyote run threw my yard last night right next to my chicken coop. didn't even stop just kept going.
By Judy W.
Hasn't worked so far
April 25, 2014
Raccoons still raid my feeders every night. I am hoping they will work in my garden. Not giving up yet since it had so many good reviews.
By shelley a.
solar nite eyes
April 24, 2014
This is working great so far. I hope to purchase more.
By jesus b.
nite eyes
December 31, 2013
really work for me , no more night visitors ,the owls do not wanted my chickens any more ! thanks .

jesus beltran , from Washington state
By Bonnie
Solar Nite Eyes
May 13, 2013
Works great! No more night time visits from deer, raccoons, etc. Now if I could only find something to work this well during the day...!
By Greg C.
Nite Eyes Review
April 28, 2013
These work well rain or shine. I may buy more as my flock grows.
By jennifer
solar nite eyes
December 26, 2012
this is a great product!! it works perfectly and my chickens feel very safe at night!!
By Ken
Solar Nite eyes
October 8, 2012
I own a vineyard. Last year I lost over three tons of grapes to black bears. This year with solar nite eyes less than 400 lbs. Great product especially used in conjunction with other countemeasures. They are easily moved so they can be in a new location every night.
By Pat
Solar Night Eyes
August 7, 2012
We bought two of these. One to attach to our chicken coop and one to put on the fence near our garden because something kept eating the vines every time they went over our garden fence. These night eyes are GREAT! Nothing has been eaten from our garden since we installed it and the night eyes are an added protection on our chicken coop at night. Also works great. One added bonus that was not mentioned was the fact that it is magnetized so it can be easily moved around and we had to install nothing. We just move it around on the fence, trash cans, etc. Highly recommended!
By Bob J.
Solar Nite Eyes
July 2, 2012
I would have to rate the product very high and have used it 6 weeks now with effective results. No signs of any preditor attempting to gain entry into the coop.
I have recommended Solar Nite eyes to
all of my friends who raise their own poultry as a worthwhile investment to keep
Coyotes , Fox & coons away.
By Randi L.
Solar Nite Eyes
May 23, 2012
Items arrived very promptly and were easy to set up.
They are working great so far and we've not had any problems.
Will definitely order more for around my ponds.

Sure wish they worked on field mice, LOL!

Fleming had the best prices on these and other items I ordered and they shipped super fast. I was very pleased and will use them more in the future.
By Rodney O.
May 19, 2012
I just got 3 night eyes and got them charged up and set them around all exposed sides of my chicken coop and the racoon walked around them like they wern't there. I know because I have a security camera system. After one night, I feel conned out of my money.
By Brent
Solar nite eyes
May 18, 2012
Great Product! I am able to see these lights over 1/2 mile away. East yo use. I use the lights to protect my free range chickens.
By Quane K.
Solar eyes
May 8, 2012
Its working! Would not have believed it. But know a believer.
By B B.
Solar Night Eyes
April 22, 2012
Four legged predators think it is a bigger predator...two legged predators think it is a surveilance system.
By Elio
solar nite eyes
January 13, 2012
great product, the magnet is a great idea!
By Kathy L.
Solar Eyes
October 12, 2011
I use the "eyes" to protect turtle nests from raccoons. This past summer was the first summer we successfully incubated and released terrapins into the bays in a spot in NJ in over 2 dozen years, thanks to the eyes. I have recommended them to many other herpetologist for protecting both their field research and their personal collections!
They really work!
By willie
Solar Nite Eyes
September 1, 2011
these are well built and blink brightly. i have them on a chicken coop and so far so good. i think they would scare a two legged varmit off also...
By harry
solar I
July 24, 2011
Not effective at all. I have actually traped raccoons right next to it.
By Sarah
Solar Nite Eyes
May 1, 2011
The Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection product seems to work. I haven't lost any birds since I got them.

They charge up quickly & last all night. The magnet is strong & grips well even in wind & rain. The light is very bright & can be seen for some distance.

The only thing I don't like is that they blink very fast & to me, this doesn't look very real.

Flemming Supply shipped them fast & has the best price I've found. All in all I'm pleased.
By Fred D.
Versitile, Effective, Portable and MAGNETIC!
February 21, 2011
I am so happy to see you carrying the Solar Nite Eyes units... hopefully more people will use these rather than shooting, trapping or poisoning potential predators of live stock and pets.

I love these units because they absolutely work, but have to also say that the ability to simply put them on anything that is steel or iron with the built in magnet is just plain convenient.

I walk out to close up the chickens at night and re-locate the nite eyes units as I walk... moving them from one T-Post to another, or placing them directly on chicken door hinges and at times the steel entry door. This keeps the night prowlers guessing and not liking the blinking lights!

At times I bring some of the units inside and set them under my desk lamp where they charge up during the day! Then I put them in my pocket and head out to put them wherever I think they are needed.

I have had deer chew all the buds off of my young trees. With two mounting holes, I can use a bungie cord to attach the blinking units around a tree at deer eye level... no more deer, no more tracks!

I also use them to protect my honey bee apiary from black bear raiding... so far, so good. One bear visit could put me out of the honey business altogether.

I'm happy with the quality of the units and the price... the practice and ability to routinely relocate them is a huge plus for me. I don't want animals to figure out where they will be and simply work their way around them.

We had a huge wind storm a few days ago and the magnet was strong enough to hold them to T-style fence posts even with those 50 mph gusts.

It was 7 deg F. last night and they were out there blinking away in the snow... nice temperature operating range!

I plan to use them in my vegetable garden this summer...

I highly recommend the Solar Nite Eyes units for predator deterrent applications... and keeping bunnies and deer from munching your plants!