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Wise 120 Serving Entree Grab And Go Bucket
Wise 120 Serving Entree Grab And Go Bucket
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Product Description
120 Grab and Go Entrιe Bucket. Inside the bucket is ten different, healthy entrees to choose from divided into 120 Servings. If you do the math: For a family of 4, at 2 servings per day consumption, it will keep you alive and protected for just over 2 weeks. Note: Each pouch contains 4 servings of a specific food and there are 30 pouches inside this bucket.

The Wise Food Supply is built on principals of quality and taste. Inside the bucket, the food is sealed within incredibly light weight nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches that lock in natural flavors and nutrients. With entrees ranging from Pasta Alfredo to Tortilla Soup, just add water (preferably warm) and savor the flavor and insurance of this dependable, simple and affordable emergency food.

This product has a 25 year shelf life. Put lingering fear to rest, be prepared and invest in you and your family's future health. If peace of mind is what you crave, the Wise Food Supply 120 Serving Entree Only Grab & Go Bucket is the tasty satisfaction you need. Great taste and long lasting protection are the bonus to your new found sense of safety and preparedness.

This Package Includes
• Cheesy Lasagna (12 servings)
• Chicken Ala King (12 servings)
• Pasta Alfredo (12 servings)
• Savory Stroganoff (12 servings)
• Creamy Pasta & Veg. (12 servings)
• Cheesy Macaroni (12 servings)
• Chili Macaroni (12 servings)
• Teriyaki & Rice (12 servings)
• Tomato Basil Soup (12 servings)
• Tortilla Soup (12 servings)
Item Code: EQP-01432

Wise 120 Serving Entree Grab And Go Bucket

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