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Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

The Automatic Heavy Duty Chicken Coop Door is the only way to go when building your coop. You don't want to buy junk and have to come back and replace it in a few years. Remember these doors are made of all weather materials with an aluminum door that will not rust or rot ! Solar Kits are available and will work on both the basic and advanced models.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Basic
Reg. Price: $260.00
Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Advanced
Reg. Price: $285.00
Chicken Coop Door Motor - Basic
Price: $149.00
Solar Kit For Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Reg. Price: $110.00
Chicken Coop Door Motor
Price: $98.50
Heated Chicken Mat
Price: $59.25