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Carman's - Triple Threat Lure - 1 oz.
Carman's - Triple Threat Lure - 1 oz.
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Product Description
Carman's Triple Threat Lure is the closest thing to a curiosity lure that Carman offers. It is deadly on fox, coyotes and bobcats. As a result, it is very popular with trappers in the south and southwest. It is very attractive to red fox, but in most areas is slighly more attractive to greys. It is also highly attractive to raccoon, making it valuable to trappers who want to take the maximum number of coon in their fox sets. Because it contains some very exotic ingredients not found in most lures, it is a valuable lure to use as an alternate after a week or ten days of the season. Very good for dirt holes and flat sets. Good from early October until freeze up.
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Carman's - Triple Threat Lure - 1 oz.

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