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Violator 7 Predator Lure - 4 oz.
Violator 7 Predator Lure - 4 oz.
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Violator-7 - (Predator Gland/Call Lure) - A thick, strong, musky lure for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Fisher, Marten and Raccoon. Use at either dirt hole or flat sets. A properly balanced blend of weasel, muskrat, mink, and red fox glands plus beaver castor and a hint of skunk. After aging for a full year it is fixed and stabilized. This is a personal favorite that I've made for my own use since 1982. (This lure is proudly named for SSG Dale Panchot who was killed serving our country in Balad, Iraq on November 17th, 2003. Son of Arland and Karen Panchot, Dale grew up in a trapping and military family in northern Minnesota. Dale is a true hero and ten percent of the sales of Violator 7 will be used to purchase calling cards for our military stationed abroad.........Tim
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Violator 7 Predator Lure - 4 oz.

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