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Coyote Natures Call - 4 oz.
Coyote Natures Call - 4 oz.
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Product Description
Here is a top of the line lure that gets the really suspicious old coyote right into the set! A liquefied mixture of select coyote glands and enhanced female secretions. Natural passion and curiosity agents are added for maximum lure attraction. Developed for ultimate results in any season at flat, blind or scent post type sets. This lure will also add an immense appeal at a hole set when used in combination with your favorite bait.

Suggested Instruction for catching Coyote with Lenon's Coyote Nature's Call - Lure / Scent:

At scent post or flat sets, sprinkle 20 drops on a clump of grass, tiny stump or tree, in hollow knots or any projection that is visibly outstanding in an open area. Use 30 drops in plugs as lure holders protects the lure from the weather. Not for human consumption.
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Coyote Natures Call - 4 oz.

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