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Egg Incubators For The Classroom

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Picking the correct Egg Incubator for your school classroom is very important. We get many calls from teachers that are looking for an egg incubator that will fit their need. Since we have so many different models of incubators we generally ask a few questions before recommending an egg incubator. I will list the questions below and also a recommendation on which incubator to use and why. We hope this helps you in your decision.

Where Are You Going To Use Your Incubator? This question is very important in the fact that if your incubator is located in a classroom that the temperature fluctuates from day to night then you need an incubator with an electronic thermostat. The Hova Bator Genesis 1588 Incubator and the R-Com Egg Incubators work great where the temperature is not constant. If you have a room where the temperature is constant then any of our other egg incubators will work fine.

Do Want Your Students To Turn The Eggs? If you want your students to turn the eggs then the egg turner is not required. But remember if there is no one available to turn the eggs on the weekend then you might want to get an Automatic Egg Turner. The Automatic Egg Turner will turn your eggs while you are gone and will keep you from coming to the school on Saturday and Sunday. Every incubator we stock has an Automatic Egg Turner that can be purchased.

Are You Looking For An All In One Kit? If you are looking for an all in one kit theProfessional Incubator With Egg Turner is the right incubator. This kit includes the Egg Incubator, Fan Kit, Automatic Egg Turner and Free Egg Candler. The great thing about this kit is the fact that a Free Egg Candler is included. The Egg Candler is great for showing your students the development of the baby chick inside of the egg.

Do You Require A USB Port To Hook Up To Your Computer To Monitor Incubator? If you are looking for the most advanced incubators available then I would recommend the R-Com Model Egg Incubators. These incubators are fully automated and the USB Pro models have the ability to connect to your computer and control the incubators remotely. These USB Pro models also come with available Computer Software. These incubators are more expensive but they are the best of the best.

How Many Eggs Do You Want To Incubate? I will list the available models with the egg capacities below.

2-3 Eggs:
Chick Bator Egg Incubator
Mini Digital Egg Incubator
Mini Digital Egg Incubator With EZ Scope

20 Eggs:
R-Com 20 Egg Incubator
R-Com 20 Pro Egg Incubator
R-Com 20 Pro USB

40 Eggs:
Farm Innovators Still Air Incubator
Farm Innovators Circulated Air Incubator
Little Giant Still Air Incubator
Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator
Hova Bator Large Window Incubator
Hova Bator Genesis Electronic Thermostat Incubator

50 Eggs:
R-Com 50 Egg Incubator
R-Com 50 Pro Egg Incubator
R-Com 50 Pro USB Egg Incubator

180-270 Eggs:
1502 Sportsman Cabinet Egg Incubator

Which Incubator Gives The Students The Best Viewing Window? For a classroom theLarge Window Incubators offers the best viewing experience for the students. The Farm Innovators and Little Giant Incubators have two viewing windows where as the Hova Bator has one Large Viewing Window.

Does The Fan Inside The Incubator Give You A Better Hatch Rate? Yes the fan does give you a better hatch rate because is circulates your air to give your incubator a better constant temperature. The Still Air Model Incubators work good but not as well as the Circulated Air Incubators.

Which Incubator Is The Most Economical? The Chick Bator Incubator and The Still Air Incubator are the most economical. The Chick Bator does not have an egg turner available and is in the $20 price range. Check out the reviews on the Chick Bator….. they are great ! This incubator is a Science Project Favorite.

We hope this helps guide you to the correct incubator for you class. If you have any questions at all please feel free to give me a call. I am available to answer any questions you might have.

Thank You,

Eric Fleming
Phone: 800-624-4493