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Goose Buster Pro
Goose Buster Pro
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Product Description
The GooseBuster® is a sonic repellent device that uses the principles of behavior modification by continuously reinforcing the concept that the area is unsafe for geese. The sound technology is based on scientific research done in goose behavior and vocal communications. Sounds emitted by the unit are high quality digital playbacks of goose distress and alarm calls that were recorded in natural environments – warning geese to stay away.

Four speaker system covers up to 7 acres
Fully programmable; customizable settings
Weaterproof, NEMA Rated casing
Geese are generally stubborn and territorial, returning year after year. GooseBuster uses their memory against them and scares them away repeatedly, so they learn not to return.

Goose Buster is based on decades of research into the behavior and communication of Canada geese by noted biologist Philip Whitford, Capital University Professor. Since 1979, Dr. Whitford has been studying Canada goose behavior and vocal communications, then presenting and publishing his findings. He holds a PhD in biological sciences in the field of animal behavior, and BS and MS degrees in wildlife management. Dr. Whitford has obtained the only documented recording, anywhere, of the alarm call of Canada geese. This, along with the alert call, makes the GooseBuster the foremost goose repelling mechanism in the world.

‘Alert’ calls indicate uneasiness about potential danger; ‘alarm’ calls signify immediate danger
Geese evacuate without waiting to identify the source
Optional selection of coyote bark and gunshot sounds
Device automatically prevents acclimation: calls differ in frequency, duration, and intervals; sound combinations, sequences and speakers change randomly to give a perception of troubled geese moving through many locations
Weatherproof – NEMA Rated casing is designed to withstand outdoor use
*Proven effective in university-conducted field studies:

Repels pest birds including geese, ducks, mallards and other waterfowl. Effective coverage up to seven acres (up to 21 acres from two units). Recommended for large outdoor areas experiencing geese infestations, such as:

Parks, ponds & other waterfront property
Airports & airfields
Golf courses
Corporate grounds & condo complexes
Yards & large estates
Marinas & docks
Warehouses & storage facilities
Farms, barns, stables & sheds
Parking lots
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Goose Buster Pro

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