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Lenons Fox All Call Lure - 4 oz.
Lenons Fox All Call Lure - 4 oz.
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Product Description
This well aged, red fox gland and exotic musk formula has been a customer favorite and best selling lure since the 1920’s. Twelve alluring ingredients are blended into a long lasting, thick paste lure that appeals to all known calls of the fox; hunger, sex, curiosity and nature. Both Red Fox and Gray Fox will always investigate this unique odor! Positive action and results are guaranteed at any type set! Customers say “this is the best fox lure ever made!”


At hole or pocket set use quantity size of a large red bean down in hole, same quantity on outside upper lip of hole. At “Post” sets use same quantity. For Trapshy one make two natural sets a few feet apart, use double the amount half way between them. Not for human consumption.
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Lenons Fox All Call Lure - 4 oz.

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