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Lenons Raccoon All Call Lure - 1 oz.
Lenons Raccoon All Call Lure - 1 oz.
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Product Description
We guarantee no raccoon will pass this extraordinary lure! A premium, thick paste blend of the raccoon’s favorite foods loaded with sweet smelling musk, powerful essential oils, and secret ingredients that bring them in on the run! Positive action assured at both dry land and water sets. Customers report amazing results with this great raccoon lure / scent!

Instructions for using Lenon's Raccoon Super All Call Lure - At hole or pocket set use quantity size of a large red bean down the hole, same quantity on outside upper lip of hole. At "Post" sets use same quantity. For Trap shy one make two natural sets a few feet apart use double the amount half way between them.
Item Code: HNT-37744

Lenons Raccoon All Call Lure - 1 oz.

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