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Mark June Coon Chum 64 oz.
Mark June Coon Chum 64 oz.
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Dog Proof Traps have taken the trapping trade by storm and this bait will help you maximize and catch raccoons on their first visit to your DPs. Coon Chum with a coon chumming blend of Crawfish, Shrimp and Grain. We grind the crawfish and shrimp into a bran (shells and all), add grain PLUS add a tasty far reaching lure to ensure Mr. Ringtail smells what’s going on and comes over to investigate and dig into the goodies. With the increasing prices being paid for raccoons, we know you want the back of the truck piled high with masked bandits so Coon Chum is packaged in an economical Pro Size 64 ounce container. Also very effective in cage traps!
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Mark June Coon Chum 64 oz.

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