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Roach Spray 16 oz.
Roach Spray 16 oz.
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We'll start with the bottom line - it cost less to stay bug free! Even though Bengal Roach Spray is more expensive, it really works! Bengal combines a powerful dose of active ingredient with an innovative dry spray. It penetrates deep into cracks and crevices where roaches hide and flushes them out to die. There's nowhere for them to hide! Also, the dry spray leaves no mess and has no odor.

Bengal is designed for total kill, not quick kill. It is formulated to irritate roaches initially so that they run out of hiding before they die. This action is called flushing. This flushing action allows you to dispose of the dead roaches rather than have them decompose in their hiding places. You may notice that if you spray Bengal Roach Spray directly on a roach it will run around in an irritated manner for a while before it dies. But, it will die! NO mess! NO odor! NO roaches!

Insert the provided extension tube into the spray button at the top of the can. Spray into roach hiding places such as cracks and crevices, behind sinks, behind baseboards, around doors and windows, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks and stove and in attics and crawl spaces. Retreat every 4 weeks if necessary.
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Roach Spray 16 oz.

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