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Alfamaize Horse Treats
Alfamaize Horse Treats
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Product Description
AlfamaizeTM is a unique forage treat produced from premium quality, leafy alfalfa and immature whole plant corn. Processed immediately after harvest using a unique low temperature process to preserve the maximum nutritional value and taste these delicious, nutritious and all natural mini-cubes deliver springtime in every bite.

Simply open a bag yourself and you will be blown away by the smell. Your horses will LOVE IT! 1 lbs. Bag
Ingredients: 60% Alfalfa, 40% Whole Plant Corn

Protein(Min) 12%
Fat(Min) 2.5%
Fiber (Max) 30%
Moisture (Max) 12%
Item Code: FED-11635

Alfamaize Horse Treats

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