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Best Of Show Kit
Best Of Show Kit
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Product Description
Your ultimate shampoo & prep kit of poultry cleansers and protectors. The Best of Show contains an array of products used by Blue Ribbon Chicken owners’. We have collaborated with several Award-Winning chicken owners’ and asked them what they use, and what they would want in a kit.

- Poultry Protector (4 oz.) – Step 1
- Shampoo (4 oz.) – Step 2
- Vinegar (8 oz.) – Step 3
- Glycerin (4 oz.) – Step 4
- Comb Reddening (2.5 oz.)Step 5
Step-by-step Instructions and Tips Guide

Step 1: Poultry Protector removes parasites and insects-naturally. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressful and aggressive. The first step in presenting a quality poultry bird is to protect it! Poultry Protector is an all-natural product, Eco-friendly and safe for all animals.

Step 2: The Best of Show contains an array of products used by Blue Ribbon Chicken owners’. This includes the poultry shampoo, which is perfectly balanced to clean your bird without drying its skin out. Our Best of Show Shampoo is fragrance free!

Step 3: Best of Show Vinegar will cut the soap and allow it to be removed from the plumage. Allowing for lustrous and healthy looking feathers that won’t stick or streak.

-Removal of Residual Soap
-Lustrous Feathers
-Sticking or Streaking Feathers

Step 4: The REAL secret behind award-winning birds is the use of our Best of Show Glycerin. It brings the luster out in the feathers and shining glow.

Step 5: Our Best of Show Comb Reddening is a unique reddening to bring out (or diminish blemishes) the true color of the comb!

The very best part about this great kit is the case in which it comes. What a convenient way to take all of the products right to the fair or show with you. Did we mention it’s 99% organic? All of the Care Free Enzyme products that we offer are!
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Best Of Show Kit

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