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Buck Boiler Mounting Kit
Buck Boiler Mounting Kit
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The Buck Boiler is a clean and efficient way to create a European Mount. If you have used the propane tank method of boiling the head then you are like me and dread it. We now have a much better method of boiling the head without having to sit there and babysit the burner.

The Buck Boiler houses a patent pending heating element which utilizes household electricity instead of the conventional way of using expensive propane. The heavy duty power cord with a safety breaker built into the lug is attached and operates on standard household current of 110 volt. All you need is tap water and dish detergent for an approximately 8 hour process, at the end of which, your trophy is ready to be rinsed off and mounted.

Makes Mounting 10 Times Easier !!
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Buck Boiler Mounting Kit

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