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Egg Candler
Egg Candler
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Product Description
Egg candling is a great way to check the development progress of eggs. See the live embryo as it develops inside the egg. Helps identify infertile or dead eggs for removal. Great for educational purposes and fun for kids. Lightweight and easy to use. Plugs in to standard 120VAC outlet.

Egg Candling Tips

- Turn Out The lights To See Egg Better
- Hold Large end of egg against candler
- Be sure your hands are dry and clean
- Day 3 look for blood vessels & veins
- day 10 should see the chick moving
- eggs that are clear inside after 10 days are bad
- Remove bad eggs from incubator and discard
- eggs can be out of incubator for up to 30 minutes
- Do Not candle eggs during last 3 days of the hatch
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Egg Candler

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