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Healthy Pen Concentrate 128 oz.
Healthy Pen Concentrate 128 oz.
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Coops and barns are never parasite free; they are the homes to mites, lice, and fleas. These parasites live in the cracks, crevices, and bedding where they come out at night to feed on the adult and baby birds. Flies and mosquitoes are a constant nuisance they carry deadly viruses that can affect the health of your flock. Ammonia NH3 is extremely harmful to the respiratory systems of birds. Healthy Pen eliminates all of these problems in one simple product, providing you with a much happier and healthier bird.

Our blend of all natural enzymes attacks the parasite at all stages of life; egg, pupa, larvae, and the adult killing the entire life.

Enzymes breaks the chain of NH3 (ammonia) and NH4 (ammonium acetate) to N (nitrogen). By breaking the carbon chain odor becomes neutralized.

Directions: Use every 2 weeks. Remove bedding down to the dirt, concrete or wood spray heavy mist over surface. Mist everything including cracks and crevices. DO NOT RINSE. 1 Gallon will cover 300 Square Feet

Mixing Directions: Severe 10-12 oz per 1 Gallon, Average 8-10 oz per 1 Gallon, Light 6-8 oz. Per 1 Gallon. Note: Over-spraying will NOT cause harm to animals or the environment. This is a NON Hazardous product and requires NO special handling.
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Healthy Pen Concentrate 128 oz.

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