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Johnny Thorpe's Indian Tan Concentrate
Johnny Thorpe's Indian Tan Concentrate
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Johnny Thorpe's Indian Tan Concentrate makes three gallons of tanning "liquor" which can be used again and again. When used as per the instructions produces a soft, tough, Indian style tan. Tans all types of furs up to mountain lion and wolf. (Not recommended for large deer, bear etc.) Instructions included.

CAUTION: Wear rubber gloves and some sort of eye protection as compound can cause skin and eye irritation.

Tanning Instructions: All tanning procedures should be performed at room temperature to assure the best results. To make the tanning "liquor" add one pack of Indian Tan to three gallons of hot water in a clean 5 or 6 gallon plastic bucket. Stir well and then ALLOW TO COOL TO ROOM TEMPERATURE.

Place pelt to be tanned in tanning liquor and allow to remain for 12 hours for furs such as rabbit, fox, bobcat, mink, muskrat, opossum, etc. stirring every few hours. Heavy pelts such as coyote, raccoon, beaver, otter, etc. require 24 hours. Dried pelts may require more time in the tanning liquor than green pelts.

Remove pelt and turn fur side out, wring out and dry fur with a fan before placing on a wire fur form (flesh side out). When pelt is half dry, remove from form and "break up" to make it soft. Light pelts (fox, rabbit, opossum, muskrat, etc.) can be broken up by twisting and wringing out by hand and by tumbling in a dryer on the lowest setting. Heavy hides such as beaver, coon, coyote, otter, etc. are best worked on a wooden beam with a dull fleshing knife.

The more time you put into working the pelt, the softer the finished product. Turn fur side out and replace on wire form until dry. "Open" furs such as beaver or furs to be made into rugs, should be stretched on plywood when half dry and worked with a dull knife.

Indian Tan is not recommended for heavy hides such as deer, cow, bear, etc. The tanning liquor can be used over and over until in becomes dirty.
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Johnny Thorpe's Indian Tan Concentrate

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