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Plastic Laying Nest Pad
Plastic Laying Nest Pad
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Product Description
The new Kuhl Plastic Nest Pads are designed with a slotted base as pictured, not only to allow air circulation but also to allow droppings to go through the nest pad. Promotes proper roll-out with minimal egg contact. This greatly reduces the bacteria growth due to wet nest material. You will save a lot of time and labor with Kuhl Plastic Nest Bottoms. There will be no more filling nests with shavings and other nest materials when used with roll-out nest bottoms. The droppings fall through the nest. Washing and disinfecting pads is made easy because they are all plastic and water can go through the pad giving you a far more sanitary operation. 12" x 13"
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Plastic Laying Nest Pad

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By Jamie S.
March 27, 2017
This has prevented a mess in my nesting boxes, I love them! I just cut them with scissors to fit my boxes. Easy to clean!
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents egg breakage when laying
  • Keeps eggs clean
  • None.
By Carol R.
Kuhl plastic nest pads
December 18, 2013
Love the idea! Took out the finely cut wood chips and replaced with these to stop someone/thing from digging holes down into the wood chips in the nest boxes. Stopped the digging but two of the chickens preferred the large wood chips for about a week or two until they started laying in the nesting boxes again. I had to add some chips over the pads. Never had a broken egg with a lot of soft wood chips but these will be much easier to clean if it does happen. Even broody hens like them, although I was hoping they wouldn't. Haha
By Deborah
Easy to clean
December 9, 2013
Our chickens do not seem to mind them in the nesting boxes. They do keep the eggs cleaner. It is also easy to pop them out and clean them as well occasionally when there has been a broken egg or feathers have accumulated in them.
By Jen
Kuhl - Plastic Nest Pads
November 9, 2013
After having a few broken eggs, despite mats and shavings in my egg boxes, I purchased these nest pads, along with the Plastic nest bottoms. No more broken eggs! The eggs also stay cleaner, and of course, my coop is not a mess of shavings (I use sand over a dirt floor).

And if I DO have a broken egg (I had an egg eater, but we've got that corrected), these nest pads are easy to clean and sanitize.
By Sally
plastic nest pads
October 7, 2012
These are great for keeping the eggs clean. The chickens don't seem to mind the change in the bottom.
By Maria l.
Like them so do my chickens!!
February 12, 2012
Sturdy and makes keeping their nests clean. My chickens like them and lay eggs on them. Great price, great product.
By Gary
Kuhi Nest Pads
November 20, 2011
Our chickens did not like them as they were used to hay and shavings. Our layers quit laying for a few days until we added some hay back on top of the pads. Good idea but it might work better if your hens are not already spoiled little ladies.
By Robert
Kuhl nest pads
May 20, 2011
We love the nest pads and so do the hens! Keeps the nests cleaner and the eggs from breaking. Highly recommend!!
By Mak
Nest Pads
October 13, 2010
Nice item! Keeps the eggs from dropping and breaking, or rolling off the nest box. Easy to keep clean.
By Julie
Plastic Nest Pads
July 28, 2010
These are going to save me time and money. They didn't feel quite like I expected but they work great.
By Patricia F.
Nest box Liners
November 13, 2008
I've used a lot of nest box bedding types and these are by far, the easiest to use, clean and keep eggs from breaking. The hens like them. The plastic liners don't provide a good home for mites as does wood or biomass liners like hay or wood shavings.