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Nursing Supplies

Fleming Outdoors if ready for you when you get that baby calf, lamb or kid that is looking to you for milk. We have Calf, Lamb & Goat Nursing Bottles, Snap On Goat & Lamb Nipples, Soda Pop Nipples and Nursing Bottle Holder. Please give us a call if you have any questions.
Calf, Lamb & Goat Nursing Bottle
Reg. Price: $8.00
94LN - Snap On Lamb/Goat Nipple
Reg. Price: $2.00
98CN - Snap on Calf Nipple
Reg. Price: $2.00
92PK - Soda Bottle Lamb Nipple
Reg. Price: $3.00
97 - Calf Bottle Holder
Reg. Price: $7.00