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Stanchion Horse Stall Protector - 33.9 oz
Stanchion Horse Stall Protector - 33.9 oz
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Product Description
A simple spray and rinse will remove harmful ammonia odors from concrete, wood and metal. Urine odor is ammonia, very harmful to the respiratory and immune system of animals and humans. When ammonia odors are removed, a healthier environment is provided. Product is designed to break down organic and inorganic contaminants, digesting them down into more basic components that are easily absorbed into the environment. Stall - Stanchion Protector is also effective on the animals living quarters making areas less habitable for pests. Flies are attracted to odors. When odors are gone, flies are gone. Manure and compost piles are great breeding areas for flies. Stanchion and Stall Protector will eliminate the odors.
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Stanchion Horse Stall Protector - 33.9 oz

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