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Victor Fly Ribbon 4 Pack
Victor Fly Ribbon 4 Pack
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Product Description
VictorŽ Fly Ribbon is the #1 fly ribbon on the market! Consumers appreciate its ability to control flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects without the use of poisons or vapors. And to top it off, it's a no mess, no fuss fly trap (no baiting needed!)

Directions for Use:

- Bring to room temperature before opening by holding trap in your hand while making a fist for several minutes prior to attempting to open.
- Grasp cord in one hand; grasp tube in the other.
- Pull out cord slowly while turning tube in a counterclockwise (twirling) motion.
- Cap will pop out. Remove thumbtack from top of cap and save for hanging.
Discard cap.
- Remove completely from tube or let tube dangle from strip as an anchor. Hang with thumbtack or cord.
- When strip is full or controlling flies is achieved, remove from hanging device and discard.
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Victor Fly Ribbon 4 Pack

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