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Fly Catchers - Jumbo
Fly Catchers - Jumbo
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Product Description
Fly catchers are one of the best environmentally sound products you can use. They are Safe, Non-Toxic, all natural and non-polluting. Best of all, they control flies mechanically so they can never develop a chemical resistance. The Revenge Fly Catchers are a major improvement in new manufacturing techniques and superior insect catch rates. A large 8" x 8' fly catcher for barns, stables, garages and more. Has a special non-drying glue and lasts for 12 weeks or until full of flies. Works well in garages, won't drip, so hang over equipment and cars. Directions: 1. Pull off the label wrap. Do not remove the green pull handle from the roll. 2. Hang the green handle to a hook or angled nail. 3. Pull apart with the glue surface facing down or into the room. 4. Pull out as much or as little as needed. Attach other end to a nail. Hang vertically or horizontally. 5. When the trap is full, tear off and pull out a fresh length. 6. For best results, hang near windows or lights. 7. Hang away from animals so they don't pull the catcher down.
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Fly Catchers - Jumbo

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