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Black Book of Coyote Trapping
Black Book of Coyote Trapping
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Kellen Kaatz: Imagine launching your coyote trapping success from a handful per season to 40, 50, or 100s of coyotes. Donít have 3 months to trap day-in and day-out, 14 hours everyday, with limitless ground and endless supplies? Not many of us do these days. My new 120 page book details the modern, systematic approach to take a pile of coyotes efficiently. Using this system, youíll be able to routinely catch 40-60 coyotes per season, even while working a full-time job (3x or 4x more trapping hardcore full-time). Were you having problems with snapped traps? Problems with locations going stale? Pattern misses? These common trapline headaches will become a thing of the past. From permissions and pre-season prep, trapline management, to finishing and marketing your coyote catch, itís all in this book. (And, of course, I share a couple DIY formulas so you can develop your own new and one-of-a-kind attractants!)
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Black Book of Coyote Trapping

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