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MB Chained Super Stakes Finned 12 Pack
MB Chained Super Stakes Finned 12 Pack
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By far the best staking system that we’ve ever used. This Staking System has been used from the black dirt in Minnesota, to the red clay of north Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas to the sugar sand of the Georgia/Florida border, southern Texas, and the Carolina coast. A Fox Hollow Super Stake is attached to 16” of #2 straight link machine chain with a mighty hook, which is welded shut. Just attach your trap to the last link of chain with a 6 gauge J-Hook and Crunch Proof Swivel and you’re good to go. When coyote trapping in black dirt we drive it down about 14”. In red clay we put it down about 10” and in sand we run it down all 16”. No more cable stubs sticking up in your trap bed. We have hundreds of these that have been used and reused hard for 8 seasons. When pulling, hook on the chain link below your swivel to avoid stressing the J-Hook.
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MB Chained Super Stakes Finned 12 Pack

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