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Kuhl - 5 lbs. Baby Chick Feeder
Kuhl - 5 lbs. Baby Chick Feeder
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Product Description
The Kuhl R-20 Baby Chick Bulk Feeder is revolutionary to the poultry industry. This unit is used in the same manner as our LID-A and Poly-Lid chick feeders. The difference is in the fill-top reservoir that is gravity fed through the base. Efficient poultry chick feeding with virtually no waste! This chick feeder has a narrow eating area that eliminates the scratching out of feed. The feeder can be utilized longer than tray style methods to reduce the amount of equipment needed. The red base attracts chicks so they will feed more.

- Spill proof 5 lb. feed capacity reservoir provides as-needed gravity feed.
- Chicks cannot get in eating area to scratch and waste feed.
- Unique new design prevents overfilling of feed area.
- Made of tough, abrasion-resistant plastic.
- Feeding capacity 100-200 chicks at least 40 chicks can feed simultaneously.
- Size: 7.5"H x 11.5" diameter.
Item Code: EQP-03193

Kuhl - 5 lbs. Baby Chick Feeder

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9 Reviews
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89% Recommend this product (8 of 9 responses)
December 2, 2013
There is no way to adjust the amount of fine for layer pellets---but wastes too much chick feed.
By Margaret T.
Baby chick feeder
September 30, 2013
I love this feeder,its the best. The only thing I didn't like about it, was the lid. It needs to lock on, so when the chicks get older they can't fly up and knock the lid off. PS. You will save lots of feed using this feeder.
By Andrew
Kuhl-5lbs. Baby Chick Feeder
May 4, 2013
There is no waste and that is great. It holds a lot of feed and that is great.

BUT and this is a big but. It constantly clogs, and leaves my chicks without food. I thought about returning it, but did not want to pay the return shipping.
By Margaret A.
baby chick bulk feeder
March 7, 2013
The unit design looks good enough as far as dispensing feed indoors only - which is the way I intended to use it anyway. It is very light weight so we shall see how it holds up.
By Amy
Kuhl 5 lb Baby Chick Feeder
May 10, 2012
This is awsome! I'm raising 50 standard chicks on this feeder. It is just the right size. I fill/top it off once daily.
By Moon
Kuhl 5lb Chick Feeder
January 17, 2012
This is seriously the best chick feeder out there. It holds a lot of feed but has a small footprint. There is NO WASTE! I have never used a feeder before that contained the food so well. The chicks cannot roost on the ledge, they don't poo it in & the curved lip keeps the feed inside. I too wish the lid fit tighter. There is a hole in the top like a weight should be there or something. When the chicks get bigger, they can fly over the top & knock it off..but otherwise, I LOVE THIS FEEDER!
Best chick feeder ever
December 16, 2011
I have tried many feeders..too small, too big, too much loss, hard to refill, yada, yada..this is FANTASTIC. It is bigger than I thought it would be. But has that narrow space for just the beaks & the lip curves inward to prevent the chicks from foraging & flinging. I will definitely be buying another one!
By Jerry
Kuhl - 5 lbs. Baby Chick Feeder - R-20-C-12
March 29, 2011
The only reason this did not get 5 stars is the lid that goes over the feed bin was slightly warped and doesn't stay on properly and has a quarter size hole in the top that looks like something should go there but nothing came with the unit. Perhaps it was missing a piece.
On to the positive. We started with those galvanized feeders that have the oval holes and are for use with a mason jar. Chicks would throw out more food than they would eat. I switched to this feeder and zero waste. I mean zero. No other chick feeder I know of will do that. This is a great product.
By Jeff S.
Chick Feeder
March 22, 2011
We are having amazing results and it beats having to refill a small feeder everyday.... Thanks Flemings