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Mole Out - Mole Repellent 5 lbs.
Mole Out - Mole Repellent 5 lbs.
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This product is made of natural ingredients that provide effective mole control for lawns, cemeteries, golf courses, playgrounds and more! Mole Out coats the mole's food sources with natural oils, which upset the mole�s stomach, making them leave the area, conditioning them not to come back. Moles cause exponential damage to your lawn, creating molehills, ripping up and ultimately killing your lawn. The primary reason a mole enters your yard is because it provides an ample food supply. Other mole repellent or removal products focus on the mole itself. This product focuses on the food supply available within the soil of your yard, rather than the mole itself. Altering the food source of the mole provides a humane option in ridding yourself of the critter. To apply mole out initially, punch several 1 inch holes at 5 foot intervals throughout the mole tunnel. Deposit one tablespoon in each hole. Once granules are deposited, cover the hole with soil. Upon completion of this task, deposit 1 lb. per 250 square feet throughout the surface area. Water down surface area generously. Subsequent applications should occur during spring, summer and fall. Made with a combination of all-natural oils (among them castor oil), this product is biodegradable and does not harm moles. The product is easy to apply with a shaker lid or fertilizer spreader and lasts up to five weeks. Read all label precautions and directions before using.
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Mole Out - Mole Repellent 5 lbs.

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