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Goat Protector 32 oz.
Goat Protector 32 oz.
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Product Description
Specially designed to naturally clean away parasites and offensive odors. Parasite free goats will have an improved temperament. A parasite free animal is always a much happier animal.

Directions: Use every 2 weeks. Remove bedding down to the dirt, concrete or wood spray heavy mist over surface. Mist everything including cracks and crevices. DO NOT RINSE. 1 Gallon will cover 300 Square Feet

Mixing Directions: Severe 10-12 oz per 1 Gallon, Average 8-10 oz per 1 Gallon, Light 6-8 oz. Per 1 Gallon.

Note: Over-spraying will NOT cause harm to animals or the environment. This is a NON Hazardous product and requires NO special handling.
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Goat Protector 32 oz.

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