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16 lbs. Plastic Chicken Feeder
16 lbs. Plastic Chicken Feeder
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Product Description
This new feeder is designed to be used for baby chicks on up to full grown quail or poultry. It is designed with a hinged lid and also a control in the center to raise or lower the body which in turn will regulate the height of feed in the pan. This is very essential in saving feed. The pan is 1-1/2" H with a 12" diameter (3.81 cms H 30.48 cms diameter). The feed capacity is 16 lbs. This unit can be used to greatly cut down the number of times it would be necessary to put in feed for the young birds.
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16 lbs. Plastic Chicken Feeder

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By T G.
16lbs Plastic Feeder - R-30
July 22, 2014
We place this feeder inside a shallow rubber dish to avoid the wasted feed. In this manner the feeder has served its purpose. Holds ample supply and keeps birds off feeder.
By T G.
16lb feeder
May 8, 2012
This feeder does not meet the purpose for which we bought it. It is not effective for small chicks. The feed tray is too wide allowing the chicks to get in and kick food out. This feeder wastes as much feed as any other we have used.
By Blue B.
Great Feeder ! Saved my back 1000 times
February 21, 2012
Great, reasonably priced feeder.
By Ruth
Kuhls Feeder
September 15, 2011
Love this feeder! It is gravity fed and it holds alot. Easy to fill and the cover keeps things out of the feed. Do wish this came in a smaller size though for smaller flocks.
By D G.
16 lbs feeder
September 9, 2011
Really like this feeder, works well for both my chickens and ducks. Would like the top to extend out a little more to protect food from water. Doesnt bother the birds any but just want to avoid wet food.
By Ingrid B.
16 lbs. Plastic Feeder - R-30
August 5, 2011
They work great. A a lot less waste with the feed flow adjustment. The flip top is nice but the hinge does not seem like it would last, but only time will tell.
By Paul F.
16 lb. feeder
January 14, 2011
Works great. Saves alot of time and feed has a nice continuous flow.
By Betty W.
16 lb Kuhl Feeder
August 9, 2010
Excellent Product. Top is built right so chickens can't perch on it. Allows for a couple days of food storage. Recommend this product.
By Donna v.
Kuhl 16lb plastic feeder
July 19, 2010
It took me a while to figure out how to adjust the feed flow since their were no instructions with it. So initially, the chickens were wasting a lot of feed. But once I got past that problem, I really like it. The easy open flip top is nice and it holds an ample amount of feed.
By Sheryl N.
Kuhl 16 lb red plastic feeder
May 24, 2010
I bought one of these last fall and it is really nice. It allows the feed to flow to the basin without having to help it like I have to with the regular metal feeders and it's pointed cover keeps the chickens from roosting on it and littering the feed.