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1 Gallon Poultry Waterer
1 Gallon Poultry Waterer
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Product Description
The nesting jar reduces storage space and its lug design makes attachment easy, while the low profile enhances stability. Jars are molded from durable, transparent polyethylene so the water level is always visible.Snap on base also permits quick and easy cleaning, as there are no threads to accumulate dirt and germs.
Item Code: EQP-03105

1 Gallon Poultry Waterer

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Product Reviews

5 Stars based on 7 reviews
By Andrew
1 Gallon Poultry Waterer
May 4, 2013
This works great is easy to refill and not heavy when it is full. But 1 gallon is very small My 75 week old chicks emptied it three times in one day. I would not use this for more than 15 to 20 chicks.
By Donna
poultry waterer
July 1, 2012
I am a volunteer wildlife rehabber. Each spring we raise hundreds of orphaned mallards, the waterers are great, and the best part is, when not in use they stack and are so much more "storeable" than the solid plastic one gallon ones were were using.
By Jay
1 Gallon Poultry Waterer
June 19, 2012
Great product. Great price. Very duralbe and easy to use.
By Jenny
June 7, 2011
Very handy for changing water everyday-every other day. We have 10 chickens and this is our spare waterer for when they're roaming around the yard. Works great!
By Customer
1 Gallon Poultry Waterer
November 19, 2010
This item is great, I don't have to keep adding water everyday.
By lijah
April 12, 2008
hey guys if u want good chicks to grow up to be nice and healthy i think u sould buy this!
By elijah
April 10, 2008
i have one and it works GREAT